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What happens when you don't change your air filters?

Most experts say on average that you should change your air filter about every 3 months (depending on the air quality of where you live). If you have one cat or dog, bump that up to every 2 months. Multiple cats and dogs could mean adjusting that time even further.

The question is: why even bother? Changing air filters can be tedious and its easy to forget to do it. In a simple survey done of 1000 people, about 29% of them admitted to never changing their air filters at all (see link below).

The filter’s job is to collect dust and other particles in the air before they reach the evaporator coil of you air-conditioning system. Those particles build up on the filter overtime which restricts the air flow of the blower motor. Your motor ends up working overtime to redistribute the air inside your home and is more likely to burn out, resulting in a costly motor repair.

But that’s not all – because your blower motor is working harder, it is consuming more energy which increases your electric bill. This also means that your ac system isn’t working efficiently, and you are experiencing longer times to reach your desired temperature.

Finally, a common problem linked to a failure to replace air filters is the icing of the evaporator coils and refrigerant line sets. A clogged air filter prevents sufficient air from being blown across the coil, resulting in trapped moisture that freezes inside your machine – rendering it incapacitated.

Changing air filters is a simple task that can save you a lot of money and headache. We hope that this article encourages you to keep up on your filter maintenance. If you would like Perfect Temp A/C to replace your air filters on a regular basis, call 480-861-4353 to setup on a servicing plan.

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