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Importance of Maintenance of your Heating and AC System

written by: Cory K.

role: Service Operation Leader

Most owners, landlords, property management, tenants, and lessors don't think too much about maintenance of their air conditioning and heating system enough. A few AZ homeowners may think " My Air Conditioner is working fine, why do I need to worry about doing anything more?".

The saying "Its not broken, don't fix it" is worn stale. Lets compare your ac mechanical system to a vehicle. To keep it from breaking down, prevent breakdowns, and improve up-time, we do what? Maintenance. In many forms it may be oil change, wiper blades. But we still do it every 5k miles, to keep us from breaking down.

We live in AZ! It gets hot, and A/C is essential for a mesa Arizona resident to stay cool and comfortable in the summer here! Trust a company that has over 20 years of experience service, repair, new AC cost and ac replacement.

We proudly install top of the line, industry leader AC Systems by TRANE, we ABSOLUTELY tell people that maintenance is a "no brainer". Let me tell you why.

The following are the major benefits you receive having a professional, tenured, reputable, and honest company come to do bi-annual maintenance service:

  • prevent unexpected breakdowns

  • optimum performance

  • 25 pt. inspection and testing

  • cleanliness/sanitation

  • efficiency

  • peace of mind

  • hands on approach

Perfect Temp AC and Heating offers AC and Heating Repair, Service and replacement services. We service residential Heat Pump, Furnace, Rooftop Units, Split systems and anything in between!

Need a mini-split ductless AC and Heating system installed? We got you! Call us today, we install Mitsubishi products.

Questions??? CALL US!


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